Mentoring & Coaching: The Trusted Advisor

A sound analysis of your current business situation is often the most important and urgent issue that you need to address. Cash flow is critical to survival and Weldon offers a realistic analysis of all factors affecting your business in the form of a business health check. 

Also known as “mentoring” this is where you as the client and Weldon develop a confidential and professional relationship over a period of time to improve your business performance and to control costs. Having an external, trusted and experienced advisor with whom you can discuss highly sensitive business matters is a great way to be sure that you are running your business in line with best industry standards. Isolation is often one of most of the most difficult challenges for owners and managers to cope with.


Weldon Mather is an approved mentor & trusted advisor with Failte Ireland and works with clients in Ireland & the UK in strict confidence.


Call Weldon now on +353868684441 or contact him here for a confidential discussion.

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